Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy
are called a ostomies even if they differs.

Underwear for ostomate

I thought I would have to change my wardrobe, this was not the case. At the beginning, I imagined that everyone was going see the bump on my belly I had a hernia that was not going to help the situation. My intensive research on the internet while hoping to find clothing adapted for stomized people was in vain.

Not having forgotten the advice and tips from my enterostomal therapy nurse. I implemented my knowledge to find a functional solution to keep the ostomy bag in place. From there I invented a simple and effective ostomy belt. In August 2004 I made the first prototype of the Protective Ostomy Belt. Then a patent application was deposited in September 2004 and was reformulated with success in 2005.

I believe in lingerie specialized for the stomized people so that each one among us stomized can open up and live without taboo. Now available, it is with pleasure that I recommend the new line of FloriLee products to you for ostomates people.   

Here is a list of FloriLee® lingerie for ostomates.

The Protective Ostomy Belt Company is the master in the field of clothing for ostomy patients. You'll be pleased with all the choices. Being myself stoma for 11 years, I prefer a short undergarment that goes below my ostomy bag with a Protective Ostomy Belt or a FloriLeeTM boxer worn with high-waist pants

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